People ask us all the time what is our favorite ______ in town. I have a terrible on the spot memory so I stated making a list. This is not a complete list of places that we love around town by any means. Also, we have not tried every place in town yet either but we are trying hard to do so!

This is just a list of some of our favorites at the moment. Have a favorite not on our list? Please let us know because we want to try it asap!

*This is a living document so check back often!*


-Peter Changs

-Fat Dragon


-Chewy’s (found in markets or can be ordered direct)


-Ironclad Coffee (imported daily from NYC!)


-ZZQ – Alex’s #1 restaurant in RVA. Everything is 20/10 good but make sure to try the brisket and their mac!

-HogsHead Café


-Idle Hands

-Sub Rosa


-Early Bird Biscuit

-SB Lakeside Loveshack

-Moore Street Cafe


-Metro Diner

-Breakfast Pizza from Libbie Market


We love the selection and expert advice when buying cheese from Truckle Cheesemongers.


-Jack Browns

-Galley – Mitchel’s Gut (pink), add mayo


-Arianna’s Italian Grill on Sheppard – Best cheesesteak in town that we have tried so far

-The Grill

-Mellow Mushroom

Chicken Sandwich

-Saison Market

-Hot Chick

-My favorite but no longer around, Lowco 🙁 RIP

Chicken Tenders

-The Grill

-Wood & Iron / The Flying Pig

-Wise Choice

Chicken Wings

-Wood & Iron / The Flying Pig

Chocolate Chip Cookie

-Garths Gourmet

-Soul N’ Vinegar

-Redeye / Insomnia (very similar and across the street from each other)

Club Sandwich

-The Grill

-Galaxy Diner

-The Continental


-Mrs. Yoder’s – Food Truck – “Best donut of my life” -Alex

-Country Style – Wish it was closer to downtown but we make a point to stop by their East end location everything we are heading to/from the airport.

-Treat Shop

“Hole” Family Donuts And More – in New Kent so only stop by here when traveling on 64

We really want to try Papa In’s Donuts next



-Carytown Cupcakes – Any with cream cheese icing but the Carrot Cake is our fav



Fried Chicken

-Wise Choice – In an Exxon in Goochland County. SOOO FREAKING GOOOD!



-Greek on Cary

Ice Cream

-Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwich’s

-Homestead, all are good but OMG their Cookies and Cream (Alex’s all time favorite ever!)

-Moonrocks Gelato


-Jiji Custard (food truck)

Mac & Cheese

-Wood & Iron

-ZZQ Craft bbq


-Pepes on Midlothian

-Mexico on Forest Hill


-Bombolini – nothing beats fresh made pasta. Making it yourself is not hard at all, but it is time consuming a little messy. So most of the time we simply pick some up from here.

Pimento Cheese

-Soul N’ Vinegar


-Belmont – More of what we think of as classic style pizza. One of our favorite go to spots (because we can walk there now!). We love their white pizza, just add your normal favorite toppings to it.

-Tazza Kitchen – Woodfired and OMG good

-Zorch – The most NY style slice you will find around RVA

-Pizza Bones – Best crust in town

-Peoples Pie – Known for their Detroit Style (aka square thick crust). We have not tired their more clasic round thinner crust yet.

-Galley – Love their Grandama Pizza – We would consider it the same (or at least very smiilar) as Detroit style


-Secret Sandwich Society

-Pops on Grace






-Soul Taco

-Boka Taco

-Intergalactic Tacos (food truck)

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Misc. Must Try Dishes & Restaurants

-Fried Zucchini @ The Grill – The Grill in general is amazing!

-Everything from Fat Kid Sandwiches

-Proper Pie Co.

-Lowco – Food Truck – Literally everything from Lowco is 10/10 amazing

-Galley – Love this place. Was our go to spot for years when we lived in Stratford Hills

-Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding @ Lunch or Supper



-Final Gravity

-Starr Hill

-Triple Crossing

-The Veil



-Courthouse Creek

-Busky – Their original is Alex’s easy drinking, not expensive, all day type of cider when he is not drinking his homebrew cider.

-Blue Bee