Join us for FREE Virtual Trivia!

Presented by The Glaser Group Realtors in support of local area businesses, restaurants & breweries.

What is it?

A virtual multiple choice Trivia game you can play from anywhere.

When is it?

Occasional Thursday evenings at 8:00pm. Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on when games will be or text 804-223-2032 & say “Join trivia club” to receive text reminders and a free answer via email each time we play.

Where Do I Play?

On YouTube – Go to anytime after 7:45, get the room code, sign in, and get your thumbs ready!

Why Should I Play?

Because it is lots of fun! Each game we give away gift cards to local RVA businesses to first place, three additional gift cards at random to players between second and last, and then another gift card for best team name.


Bad at trivia? It is okay. We are too. (That is why we host šŸ˜œ). Good news though, each game we give out three $20 prizes at random to players between 2nd and last place. We also give out another $20 prize for best team name!

Good at Trivia? Show us how much of a smarty pants you are! 1st place wins a $20 price

Want a text reminder so you do not forget to play? Join trivia club below!

This free virtual trivia is hosted and sponsored by Alex & Lauren Glaser of The Glaser Group at Long & Foster Realtors
We recommend using two devices, one device (such as smart tv, laptop or tablet) to watch the live trivia stream on YouTube and a second device (such as a cellphone or tablet) to submit your answers through — If you chose to use only one device, we recommend a laptop where you can set up a split-screen or quickly flip between the YouTube tab and tab to submit your answer.
Once you join the live stream on YouTube, you will see a ROOM CODE for Enter the ROOM CODE in to access the game and thenĀ 
type in your Team Name.
We will read each question and the multiple-choice answers. The FASTER you answer, the MORE points you earn so if you try to Google it, you’ll be losing out!

How To Play? ā€“ v v v Watch this Video v v v

What Is Trivia Club?

Why Richmond Is Awesome Trivia Club members get anĀ  exclusive free answer every time we do trivia! How awesome is that?! Also, we know how hectic life can be so we are offering the opportunity to receive text messages including the hints AND a reminder on the Thursday’s we play so you do not forget to play. Free to join so simply fill out the form below with your email and cell phone number to start receivingĀ free answers & game reminders! **Your phone number will NOT be shared with anyone and you will not receive anything outside of WRIA Trivia relevant info**

Your weekly exclusive hints are in addition to the regular clues that you can find in our Instagram stories each week. Be sure to follow us at @whyrichmondisawesome so you don’t miss any opportunities!

Lastly, we have done it twice so far and hope to do it again but Trivia Club members get exclusive invites to in-person WRIA Trivia Games at local businesses.

Use the form below to be updated via email: