Join us for FREE Virtual Trivia!

Presented by The Glaser Group Realtors in support of local area businesses, restaurants & breweries.

What is it?

A virtual multiple choice Trivia game you can play from anywhere.

When is it?

Typically the first Thursday each month on YouTube Live at 7:30pm. Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on if we change the date or text 804-223-2032 & say “Join trivia club” to receive reminders each time we play.

Where Do I Play?

On YouTube – Go to anytime after 7:15, get the room code, sign in, and get your thumbs ready!

Why Should I Play?

Because it is lots of fun! Each game we give away gift cards to local RVA businesses to first & second place, one gift card at random to players between third and last, and then 2 more gift cards for best team names.


Bad at trivia? It is okay. We are too. (That is why we host 😜). Good news though, each game we give out a $20 prize at random to a player between 3rd and last place. We also give out two $20 prizes for best team names!

Good at Trivia? Show us how much of a smarty pants you are! 1st & 2nd place win a $20 prize

Want a text reminder so you do not forget to play? Join trivia club below!

This free virtual trivia is hosted and sponsored by Alex & Lauren Glaser of The Glaser Group at Long & Foster Realtors
We recommend using two devices, one device (such as smart tv, laptop or tablet) to watch the live trivia stream on YouTube and a second device (such as a cellphone or tablet) to submit your answers through — If you chose to use only one device, we recommend a laptop where you can set up a split-screen or quickly flip between the YouTube tab and tab to submit your answer.
Once you join the live stream on YouTube, you will see a ROOM CODE for Enter the ROOM CODE in to access the game and then 
type in your Team Name.
We will read each question and the multiple-choice answers. The FASTER you answer, the MORE points you earn so if you try to Google it, you’ll be losing out!

How To Play? – v v v Watch this Video v v v