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Alex, Sam, Lauren, and Sean talk about Pickleball, The Alcohol Game, and “Eatertainment”.

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Published on 11/25/2019

Transcription + Show Notes

Sam:Welcome to the Why Richmond Is Awesome podcast, where we talk about what’s going on around town, our favorite things to do, and the local spots you need to try. My name is Sam.

Sean:And my name is Sean.

Sam:We run the Richmond Experience, a digital company that inspires locals to explore Richmond.

Lauren:My name is Lauren.

Alex:My name is Alex. We’re local realtors that like to live, work, and play in the RVA.

Sean:No laws drinking claws.

Lauren:One of our friends for Halloween, he wore a no laws when you’re drinking claws.

Alex:No laws when drinking claws.

Lauren:He had these bear gloves that light up.

Alex:they light.

Lauren:It was funny because they were claws.

Alex:If you were like at an EDM festival, techno gloves.

Sam:Oh, I see. Wow! Yeah. Yeah.

Alex:He was the talk of the town.


Alex:He didn’t win the competition. No one voted for him for anything.

Lauren:I actually won funniest costume, but I gave it to somebody else.

Sam:Hell, yeah. You looked so good.


Sean:You gave the trophy to someone else?

Alex:Scariest, which is-

Lauren:We actually forgot to give the trophies out, but I bought gift cards for people, and that’s the most important.

Alex:They wanted the gift cards more than the trophies.


Sean:That makes sense.

Alex:Best couples was, and I already forgot the names, Pulp Fiction. The John Travolta and the girl with a syringe in her chest.

Lauren:It’s like [crosstalk 00:01:24].

Sam:Nice. This was at your Halloween Client Appreciation event party, right?


Alex:Then what was the fourth one?


Lauren:Then after we announced it and they won, they did the Pulp Fiction dance.

Alex:To the song.

Lauren:Yeah. It was awesome.


Alex:You probably saw it on the video, the Halloween video.

Sam:I did. They posted it on Why Richmond Is Awesome.


Lauren:Welcome. Cheers, everybody.




Sam:How’s it going?

Lauren:Good to see you again.

Sam:Episode four.

Alex:Not like I talk to you every day anyway.


Sam:What exactly are you wearing?

Alex:It’s a Caps Jersey.

Sam:Okay. Is that football?

Alex:[crosstalk 00:01:52] It’s hockey season!

Sam:Or basketball or something?


Sam:[crosstalk 00:01:56]




Alex:Wait, you don’t know what the Caps are?

Sam:I’m kidding! I’m joking.

Lauren:Can we most-

Alex:Did you hear the Washington Nationals won-

Sam:Don’t send me hate mail. I know what the Washington Capitals are.

Alex:… the World Series? Did you hear that?

Lauren:Can we more importantly-

Sam:The Washington Capitals did?

Lauren:Can we more importantly talk about the Washington Capitals mascot? The dog they got? They got a puppy and its name is Captain, and it’s the cutest thing.

Sean:Oh, Captain.

Alex:It’s a little, yellow lab

Lauren:It’s being trained to be a service dog.


Alex:I thought they trained it to pick up pucks.

Lauren:It’s the cutest thing you’ll ever see.

Sean:That’s a service.

Alex:It has its own Instagram.

Lauren:[crosstalk 00:02:25] service.

Sam:[inaudible 00:02:25] Did you see the football game last night, a black cat walked across the field?

Lauren:I saw that.

Sam:I was like, “Where the heck did a black cat come from?”

Sean:Who brings a cat to a football game?

Alex:Black cat. It had to be a stray.

Sam:It was cruising through the MetLife stadium.

Alex:Do you think someone had snuck it in under their shirt?



Lauren:The stadiums are so loud. I can’t imagine a cat would sneak his way in.

Alex:He was just chilling. No, my bet’s it was a stray, somehow just through the back alleys.

Sean:He hung out at the [crosstalk 00:02:48].

Sam:He looked fat. No, I’m serious. It was a big, black cat.

Sean:It was prancing.

Alex:Maybe he lives there, eating all the leftover hotdogs and stuff.

Sean:That’s true.

Lauren:Maybe he was a ghost?

Sam:[crosstalk 00:02:56]

Alex:All right, it’s way past Halloween.

Sam:It is.

Alex:Start talking about Christmas.

Lauren:I talk about ghost every day.

Sam:Whoa! Don’t skip Thanksgiving!

Sean:Christmas ghost.

Sam:There’s 12 days in December, 12 days of Christmas, and they’re on December.

Alex:So Lauren asked me, November 1st, “Where can I get a Christmas tree?”


Sam:We love our Christmas tree.

Lauren:I know, but I like real Christmas trees.

Sean:This is moving too quickly for me.

Lauren:I just have to wait until somebody sells them.

Alex:They don’t come out for another couple of weeks.

Sam:Okay. The Richmond Experience might be rounding up a guide of where you can cut down your own Christmas tree. So stay tuned.

Alex:What do you mean?

Lauren:I want to know how early I can get a Christmas tree?

Sam:[crosstalk 00:03:26]

Alex:We got a Christmas tree last week.

Lauren:There’s a service, it’s mostly in California. I haven’t been able to find one here, but you rent a live Christmas tree. So, it comes in a pot, and they bring it in and you decorate it. Then they come pick it up at the end of the year, so you’re not killing a tree.

Sean:You put it back.

Lauren:Then, they just put it back in the ground, let it grow some more, and do it again next year.

Alex:They put it back in the ground. They don’t leave it in the pot?

Lauren:Alex, I’m not sure. I’m not quite sure.

Sam:I was going to say, wow, that’s a lot of work.

Lauren:But if you don’t have to kill a tree, I don’t know. I mean-

Sam:Yeah. I’m all for it. I mean, we did a fake tree. But-

Lauren:It just seemed like a really cool idea.

Sam:That seems really nice.

Lauren:We used to do fake trees, and then I decided that I wanted a real tree. To be honest, a real tree is way less work.

Sam:That was beautiful.

Lauren:I know it sounds crazy, but we took our old fake Christmas tree. I took it to the office today and decorated it. All that fluffing you have to do with the stupid branches.


Sean:Yeah. You have to connect all the arms and stuff.

Alex:It makes your house smell good.

Sean:It does.

Lauren:Yeah. With a real tree, all you have to do is set it up and let it sit for a day.

Sam:Yeah. Okay.

Sean:Yeah. That’s it.

Lauren:You don’t have to lug it back up to the attic. You just throw it outside.

Alex:To the dead. Unless you get the Californians to come out and give you a potted one.


Sam:Who will drive all the way out here?

Lauren:Alex got me some-

Alex:So, actually-

Lauren:Alex got me some live-

Alex:Baby Christmas trees.

Lauren:… baby Christmas trees.

Alex:Well, it was Christmas?

Lauren:I think it was Christmas. But he ordered them, and they-

Alex:showed up in April.

Lauren:Yeah, he checked the shipping and he’s like, “They’re not going to be here ’til May.” So, it was a late Christmas gift. I’ve killed them already, so there’s that.

Alex:The plan is to get new ones at our new house and line the pool that will… I don’t know how many years it’s going to be. So then every year, she can just cut them down.

Sam:Line the pool? That sounds like you’re going to have needles in your pool.

Alex:On November 1st just, done.

Lauren:No, around the outside of the fence.

Alex:Of the gate.

Sam:Okay, nice. That’s exciting.

Sean:Line the pool with-

Lauren:With Christmas trees.

Sean:… past Christmas trees?

Alex:Well, the pool, patio, fence Christmas trees.

Lauren:No. We’ll grow new ones so, I can cut one down every year, and then it would just start to grow.

Sean:I got it.

Lauren:Then by the time I get back around-

Alex:Yeah, every time we cut one down, we’ll plant a new one. Like 15, we’ll be set for life.

Lauren:Seems a little ambitious. We’ll figure it out.

Sean:It does. It does.

Sean:But it sounds awesome.

Sam:I don’t know. Okay. Well, sounds really nice.

Lauren:We’ll figure it out. Let you know how it goes.

Sam:In other news. Do you guys see that Pickleball is coming to Manchester, potentially?

Alex:I did. But what is Pickleball? Are there pickles involved?

Sam:That’s a good question.


Alex:Because I love pickles.

Sam:I wish because I love pickles.

Lauren:I do like pickles.

Alex:Have you had Secret Sandwich Society’s pickles?

Sam:Yeah. We’ve had a lot of pickles in Richmond.

Alex:Might be the best pickles I’ve ever had.

Sam:Yeah. I actually don’t love theirs so much.

Sean:This is all related.

Sam:They’re good.

Alex:It’s so garlicky. I was eating it and I’m like, “What the heck is going on?” But I love it. Got to love garlic.

Sam:Nice. Yeah.

Lauren:What is Pickleball?

Sean:Pickleball, it seems just like a smaller form of tennis. So, if you were to just-

Lauren:Is it with a racket?

Sean:I think so.

Sam:No, more of a paddle. Bigger, like a ping pong. You have a paddle that doesn’t… it’s not netted, per se. It’s more of a square, bigger paddle, like you would play ping pong with.

Sean:Yeah. Ping pong with a bouncy tennis ball, and then you play on a tennis court. Well, I guess if you’re-

Alex:But smaller, right?


Sean:Smaller, yeah. I guess like eight by eight or something.

Sam:Yeah, it’s not very big.

Alex:So, I have an official report. It’s a cross between badminton and table tennis, between two and four people. Solid paddles, hit a ball over a net.

Lauren:It sounds like a lot of physical activity that I’m not willing to do when I’m drinking. But do they have anything else that I might enjoy?

Alex:Well, it’s a Pickleball full service restaurant, bar, and co-working space.

Sam:Co-working space, that was actually an error in reporting.

Alex:Oh, nevermind. Fixed.

Sam:Yeah. They’re going to have a cafe that will have Wi-Fi, so you could come and set up your laptop, but it’s not going to be a co-working.

Alex:How did you know that? I printed this out this morning.

Lauren:Anything’s a coworking space if you’re-

Alex:From Richmond, this is a-

Sam:I don’t know.

Alex:You’re so on top of things.

Sam:Sorry. The Richmond Experience.

Lauren:Wait. So, what else do they have?

Alex:Restaurant, full service bar, Pickleball.

Sean:Do we know what kind of restaurant yet?

Alex:Full service


Lauren:It’s all pickles.

Sean:All pickles.

Sam:Excuse me, back up. Does the name-

Alex:I could be down with that.

Lauren:They got-

Sam:… Michele Jones and Jason Alley mean anything to you?

Alex:Do Ya’ll like picklebacks?

Lauren:They got fried pickles. They got boiled pickles.

Sam:Pasture. Comfort, bingo. Do you know who I’m speaking of here?

Sean:Oh, bingo.


Sean:Yes, definitely bingo.

Sam:Those two are taking on the food program.

Alex:Say that again.

Sam:Jason Alley and Michele Jones. I want to say her last name’s Jones.

Alex:Oh, at the Pickleball place.

Sam:That’s right.


Lauren:What is the name of this Pickleball place?



Lauren:Rally. That’s a good name.



Alex:Sam’s much more prepared. I printed it out, but she knows what’s going on.

Sam:I got this. I got your back, man. Yeah, so Rally, I mean, it’s going to be a long time coming. They’re still in the funding phase. They’re trying to collect some money. They modeled it after a place in Kansas City.


Sam:If you pull that up on the internet, man, that place is really crazy. It’s like huge courts everywhere, and then it’s like three levels. Indoor, outdoor, dining, and entertainment.

Lauren:It’s like Topgolf, but for Pickleball.

Sam:It really is intense.

Lauren:Is this going to be in Scott’s Addition?

Sam:No, Manchester is getting everything.

Sean:Yeah, it’s going to be on a rooftop.

Alex:Oh, holler. closer to our hood.



Lauren:The rooftops, so all the pickle balls can just hit the cars?

Sam:Yeah, exactly.


Alex:So, they’re hoping to break ground spring of 2020. No clue when they’re going to finish. But that’s when they might start.

Sam:It could be awhile, yeah. Sounds really exciting though.

Alex:Indoor and outdoor pickleball courts, and the sky court on the roof.

Sean:Sky court.

Alex:That’s where I want to play. Why is everything better on a roof?

Lauren:Do they have lessons?

Alex:Third floor of Topgolf, better than the first floor.

Sean:Just more dangerous, I guess? I don’t know. Better view?

Alex:Better view.

Sam:Yeah. The view is important.

Lauren:Yeah, Manchester by the river.

Sean:Yeah. That’s going to be cool.

Alex:Manchester is starting to… it’s catching up. I like it.

Sean:It really is.

Sam:There’s a Dogtown here. You guys been over there?

Lauren:I haven’t. But is it the same people-

Alex:Wait, restaurant or a brewery?

Lauren:It’s a brewery.

Sam:Brewery and restaurant.

Lauren:Is it the same people that opened or have Camden’s Dogtown market, or is it different?

Sam:Different people.

Alex:So, I learned a few months ago, because you know Mike and Maria just bought those duplexes down there that it’s called Dogtown. I don’t know if this is accurate, but there-

Lauren:It is.

Alex:You don’t even know what I’m about to say.

Lauren:Yes I do.

Sam:She does.

Alex:That there’s just used to be a ton of stray dogs, and they’re like, “This is dog town.”

Lauren:Oh, that’s so cute!

Alex:I know. It’s like our dream. Why don’t we move to… but they’re not there now.

Lauren:Can we move to Manchester?

Alex:They’re not there now.

Sean:Everyone adopted them.

Alex:Well, good.

Sam:See? This is happy ending.

Alex:[crosstalk 00:09:42]

Sean:They’re still there.

Lauren:Way to go, Sean. Way to pull in with the happy ending there. I didn’t think that’s what you were going to say. I thought, I have no idea if there were stray dogs there running around.

Alex:Then how did you know I was right?

Lauren:I didn’t think that’s what you were going to say.

Alex:I still can’t confirm that’s accurate.

Sam:Okay. What did you [crosstalk 00:09:56]?

Lauren:It’s been named dogtown, that’s been a nickname for that area for years and years and years, but I don’t know what the origin is. So [crosstalk 00:10:04].

Sean:It seems odd that they, for years and years, were just like, there are so many stray dogs here. We really just need to name this town.

Alex:Dog town.

Lauren:Dog town.

Alex:It makes me want to move there.

Lauren:I would instantly move somewhere named dog town as a dog lover.

Alex:Well, it’s 15 minutes down the road that way.

Lauren:Maybe we should name our house The Dog Motel.

Alex:Dog City. Cities are bigger than towns.

Sean:Dog City.

Alex:All right. Well, I’ve been waiting to play this. Since we’re talking about breweries, I call it the Alcohol Game because I couldn’t think of a better name.

Lauren:That’s a really horrible name.

Sean:Yeah. Come on.

Alex:Wait. Wait.


Alex:Wait. You don’t know the game yet, so how do you know it’s a bad name? I counted the other day while I was building out the WhyRichmondisAwesome.com website. Thank you, Sam, for all your help.

Sam:Been so fun.

Alex:We’re still building it out, but we launched it, so we could host the podcast. There’d be a place for people to go watch, download, listen to it. So over the next few weeks we’re going to be adding all the things to do. One of them being all the breweries, cideries, wineries, meaderies, and distilleries, and there’s 55.

Sam:56, a new one just opened.


Alex:You told me that. So, I don’t have that on here. What is it?

Sean:Main Line.

Lauren:Main Line.

Alex:All right. Well, you got one right.

Sam:So, Main Line just opened on Ownby .

Alex:In Dog town?

Lauren:Wait, wait. Do we get to try and guess all of them? Is that what we’re trying to do?

Sean:Please. I hope that’s what we’re doing.

Alex:Just to make this not terribly awful to listen to, like a minute or two minutes. What do you think? Name as many as you can because there’s so many. There’s even some on here I didn’t even realize were breweries, or wineries, or cideries. So, who wants…

Lauren:Is it just in Richmond?


Alex:I would say, so there’s some in Powhatan and New Kent. So like the Richmond area.

Sean:All right. This is just-

Alex:I don’t know if you all are going to be yelling at them so often.

Lauren:Let’s do 90… You’re going to have a hard time marking them off.

Sean:Is it alphabetical?

Alex:It is.

Sean:Okay. That helps.

Alex:I came slightly prepared.

Sean:Okay. We agree with that.

Alex:All right. Well, how about we just-

Lauren:I say when our guesses get between, where there’s a certain amount of time between guesses. Like when you’re popping popcorn, then it’s time.

Alex:When the popcorn’s ready, we stop.

Sean:What if we do one minute for each category?

Sam:Yeah, I like that.


Lauren:Well, for meaderies, there’s probably like-

Alex:There’s one. I’ll give you a hint.

Lauren:Okay. No, I’m going to wait.

Alex:You can go. You just go.

Sam:No, I’m going to wait.

Sean:Black Heath.

Sam:Black Heath.

Alex:Yep. We saw it when we were at a lunch and supper. We walked right past it.

Sean:Yep, we walked by there the other day, too.

Sam:I do remember.

Alex:Has anyone been?

Sam:Yeah, we’ve been.


Sam:Really great. We love them. They make a really nice product.

Alex:We went to a meadery.

Lauren:We’ve never been, but we’ve had their stuff from Once Upon a Vine.

Alex:Was it Savannah?

Lauren:Yeah, we went to Savannah.

Alex:We went to a meadery. Yeah.

Lauren:There was a lot of mead there. It’s delicious. All right, let’s go.

Alex:The breweries, the biggest by far, there was 38. You’ve already guessed two. On your marks. Get set. Go.

Lauren:I saw the list. Starr Hill.

Sean:It’s not open yet, but-


Alex:That’s almost open. Hardywood, of course.

Sam:Väsen, Veil, Intermission.


Sam:CotU. Midnight.

Alex:Oh my god. This is a bad idea.

Lauren:[crosstalk 00:12:55] We need to round Robin it, see who [crosstalk 00:12:57].

Alex:Yeah. The second time to-

Sam:Okay. All right. One at a time. All right Fair enough. Go ahead.

Sean:Garden Grove.






Sean:Triple Crossing.

Alex:This is way harder than I thought in my mind.

Lauren:Triple Crossing, Fulton?

Alex:Yes, actually.

Sean:Fulton, nice.

Alex:There are multiple locations on here.

Sam:Canon & Draw.


Sean:There are. Three Notch’d.


Lauren:Steam Bell?


Sam:Fine Creek.

Alex:Well, I think all your answers are going to be correct. It’s going to be the ones that you don’t know that’s going to be the fun surprise at the end.


Alex:Table? Table.



Alex:I thought it was table.

Lauren:Licking Hole?



Alex:We’re starting to get to the popcorn phase.

Lauren:Come on, guys. I had so many. Keep going.

Sam:Did somebody say Hardywood?

Lauren:We haven’t gotten half.


Alex:Yeah. Castleburg. Right near Hardywood.

Lauren:Right near Hardywood.



Lauren:Wait. That’s a cidery. We’re doing-

Alex:Wait. Well, that’s cider. I’ll still-

Sean:[crosstalk 00:13:45] breweries.

Sam:I’m sorry. We’re just doing breweries.

Sean:Just breweries.

Sam:Okay. Did you get Intermission?

Alex:I did.



Sam:Strangeways, Scott’s Addition?

Alex:There you go. See, that’s where it’s getting tricky.


Lauren:Veil. Did we say Veil?

Alex:No you didn’t, yet.

Lauren:Yeah. Oh, I just did.

Sean:Midnight Brewing?


Lauren:Good one.

Alex:It’s a good one.


Alex:Good time.

Lauren:Center of the Universe.

Sam:Did you get Ardent?

Alex:We got Ardent.

Lauren:[crosstalk 00:14:09]

Alex:Center of the Universe, don’t.


Alex:Midnight, done. So I guess we’re starting to run out. It’s been a minute and a half.

Sam:Oh, Rock Bottom Brewery?


Lauren:Does that count?

Sam:Yeah. [crosstalk 00:14:20]


Lauren:I thought that was-

Alex:It’s a brewery. It’s not local.

Lauren:I thought it was… Okay. All right. What did we miss?


Sean:That was [crosstalk 00:14:28]

Alex:Steam Bell in Chesterfield.

Lauren:I said Steam Bell.

Sam:No. She said Steam Bell.

Alex:Well, that was probably when we were going too fast. ShipLock Brewing, which is, took over 7 Hills down Shockoe Bottom. I hope I say this right. Richbrau.



Sam:Richbrau. It was only the only brewery in town the whole time we were living here until we were-

Alex:The only one I knew of before Hardywood was Legends.



Sam:Well, Richbrau, I think closed…

Alex:I don’t know the history.

Lauren:Yeah. History. History. It closed a while ago and now it’s back. Okay.

Alex:All right. Well, We’re getting close. The Origin Beer Lab, which I think is an offshoot of CotU or Strangeways up in Ashland.

Lauren:Final Gravity. Did we say Final Gravity?

Alex:You did not. Final Gravity.

Sam:We love Final Gravity [crosstalk 00:15:05].

Sean:Gosh. We dropped the ball on that one.

Alex:Origin Beer Lab. I feel bad because I’m the resident beer expert. I don’t remember who’s associated with that. Molly’s Blind Dog Brewery and Bicycle Shop.

Sam:Stop. Wait!

Sean:That one’s a made-up.




Lauren:Where is that?

Alex:I don’t know.

Lauren:Fact check this.

Sean:You just say the words.

Alex:I don’t know [crosstalk 00:15:23].

Sam:What’s it called? Molly’s?

Alex:Molly’s Blind Dog Brewery and Bicycle Shop. I’m guessing Manchester.

Lauren:Can you Google it right now?

Sean:Yeah. Blind-


Lauren:All right. While he’s looking at that, we missed Kindred Spirit.


Sean:That’s Petersburg, I think.


Lauren:No. It’s up in-

Alex:West Creek.

Lauren:Yeah. West Creek.

Sean:West Creek. Okay.

Alex:So, I don’t know if it’s technically Goochland or-

Lauren:What is the one in Goochland or no, there’s one in Petersburg.

Alex:Lickinghole is in Goochland.




Alex:I would crush all of you if it was just me playing.

Sam:Dude, Trapezium has an amazing pizza apparently.

Lauren:Alex, Trapezium is not on here.

Alex:Because it’s outside the radius.

Sam:You missed one.

Alex:I don’t know. You’re right.

Lauren:Legend, Fine Creek. I think you’ve got them all.

Alex:Yeah. I guessed Legend.


Sean:Yeah. I think we got-

Alex:[crosstalk 00:16:03]

Sean:We got 90%.

Lauren:Molly’s Blind Dog-

Alex:So Molly’s Bicycle Shop is in Chester.

Lauren:Well, how can you put that in here and not the one in Petersburg?

Alex:Chester’s like 15, 20 minutes closer. Yeah.

Sam:Okay. Let’s not debate. Let’s move on.

Alex:So, it’s at Old Hundred and Ecoff Avenue. I have not been.

Sean:Me either.

Sam:We’ll have to go check it out.

Lauren:Alex, you’ve already seen the answers, so we can’t switch hosts.

Alex:Wait, did we cover all the breweries?



Alex:Are you sure?



Sean:You nailed it.

Lauren:I don’t know. Basic City, we didn’t say that one. Bingo.


Lauren:Guys, we messed up. Extra Billy’s.

Alex:Lauren, come on, give it back… Give it back to me.

Lauren:Fine Creek.

Sam:We said that one.

Sean:Extra Billy’s, yeah.

Sam:We said Hardywood.

Lauren:Hardywood West Creek.

Alex:There you go.

Sam:Multiple locations. Fair enough.

Sean:Yeah. The multiple locations threw us.


Alex:I agree because [crosstalk 00:16:51].

Sean:We nailed the Triple Cross.

Alex:All right.

Lauren:[crosstalk 00:16:52].

Alex:The 37, 38, 39 breweries.

Lauren:You think we would have learned.

Sam:Okay, excellent.

Alex:So, are we doing distilleries next, when you just looked at all the answers already.

Sam:Yeah, let’s do it.

Lauren:I forgot them already, I only know one. It’s Cirrus.

Alex:All right, on your marks. Get set. Go.



Sean:Reservoir Distillery.



Lauren:Belle Isle.

Sean:Belle Isle.

Sam:Belle Isle.

Sean:I thought it was my turn [crosstalk 00:17:15].

Sam:James River.

Lauren:What did you say?

Sam:James River Distillery.


Sean:I don’t know anymore.

Alex:I, actually, a lot of these, just had no clue.

Sean:What about Virginia Distillery?

Sam:I just said that. [crosstalk 00:17:29]

Alex:Virginia or Virago?

Lauren:Keep going, Alex.

Sam:I said Virago and Virginia. No, I said James River. I’m sorry.

Alex:James River, yeah.

Sean:So, you didn’t say it.

Sam:No, I didn’t. You’re right.

Alex:So, the popcorn sounds like it’s popping. So Sleepy Fox Distillery in Ashland.


Sean:Never been there.

Alex:Three Crosses Distilling in Powhatan.

Sean:Never been there either.

Alex:And Trial & Error Distillery, which did not have a note. So, it must be within the city limits or nearby.

Sean:Trial & error. That’s-

Lauren:That’s a good name.

Alex:It is a good name.

Sam:I think Trial & Error is newer?

Lauren:But is it?

Alex:Is it though?

Lauren:I don’t know. I see Sean’s face, and I’m like maybe it’s not.

Sam:Do I not want to try this?

Alex:It might make you on.

Lauren:Is this the trial or is this the error?

Sean:Yeah. Would you go to trial and error burgers? Do you cook them the way you should or not? I’m like-

Lauren:Would you go to trial and error hospital?


Sam:No. Doctor dead!

Alex:But it’s free. Maybe, I might.

Lauren:I might. We like to play with fire in this group, I see.

Alex:All right. Cideries, do you want a hint on the number?

Sam:Yes, how many? Eight?

Sean:How many?



Sean:There’s only four?


Sean:We could name more than four.

Lauren:Blue Bee.




Lauren:Courthouse Creek?


Sam:Two locations.

Alex:I actually didn’t have the two locations. Yeah.

Sam:Yeah, Scott’s Addition and Maidens.

Lauren:We just owned you at your own game. [crosstalk 00:18:39]


Alex:Where is a white towel.



Sean:Bryant’s Cider.

Alex:Yes. Throw in the white towel.

Sean:Nailed it.

Sam:Good job. Which is moving. They’re moving from Jackson Ward to downtown. Bryant’s Cider.

Alex:Where at downtown?

Sam:I don’t know. Somewhere in the slip, maybe.

Alex:Not sure.

Sam:Not sure.

Lauren:The slip.

Alex:[crosstalk 00:18:55] everything, Sam.

Sam:I know, sorry.

Lauren:Is that it? Are we done?



Sean:This is a tough one.

Lauren:Okay. There’s that one off of-

Sam:James River.

Lauren:… off of Jeff Davis, Ashton something, Ashton Middle?

Alex:Ashton Creek.

Lauren:Ashton Creek.

Sean:Ashton Creek Vineyard. Yeah.

Alex:I’ll give it to you. Partial credit.

Lauren:Thank you. Yeah, James River.

Sam:Partial credit. Yep.

Sean:James River, New Kent.

Lauren:Cooper’s Hawk.

Alex:They don’t make it.

Sean:They don’t make it.

Alex:That’s more of like a restaurant.

Sam:Upper Shirley.

Sean:Upper Shirley is a good one. That’s my favorite one.

Alex:I should have fact checked this. Upper Shirley.


Sean:Yeah. That’s-

Alex:See, that’s why we’re playing this game, so everyone can learn.


Lauren:What else?

Alex:Spring Run in Chesterfield. Spring Run Vineyards.

Lauren:I don’t know.

Sam:I don’t know.

Alex:Bodie Vineyards in Powhatan.

Sean:What about-

Alex:Skippers Creek in Powhatan.

Sean:I have gone there. Saude Creek. Is that one? Isn’t that one?

Sam:Yeah, that’s a winery.

Sean:S-A-U-D-E, Saude.

Sam:We have friends that are getting married at Ashton Creek.

Alex:The closest thing to that is Bodie. I could have just totally typo-ed it-

Lauren:Yeah. We went to a wedding there two years ago.

Sean:How do you spell it?


Lauren:It was really nice.

Sam:Really. I’m so excited. It’s a beautiful venue.

Lauren:Yeah, it’s really cool.

Sean:Type in S-A-U-D-E.

Sam:Nice. I’m pumped for it. It’s next September, we have a long way to go.

Lauren:That is a long way to go.

Alex:No, that’s an actual thing.

Sean:That’s one, too.



Lauren:Bodie Vineyards. What’s the one you said?


Lauren:Did you just say vineyards?



Alex:I think you need to check your headphones, Lauren.

Sam:This was a really fun exercise. I’d be curious to know how many of our listeners would be able to name it in a couple of minutes.

Alex:This is tough.

Sean:This is very tough.

Lauren:It was hard.

Alex:Yeah. It’s like multiplication tables.

Lauren:Yeah. The three of us play-

Sam:Well, I was… Also, with three of us, and one person, I would get recorder.

Alex:See, I know why that didn’t show up because it was outside my radius.

Sean:Got it.


Sean:Got it.

Sam:I think it’s called Lanexa.

Sean:Lexana Vineyard.

Alex:I don’t know who’s right.


Alex:It’s been a long week. (laughing)


Lauren:Nice. But yeah, so Main Land just opened. I think it’s probably the newest on that list. They’ve opened two days ago.

Sean:Is it Main Line, or Main Land?

Lauren:I’m sorry. You’re right.

Sean:Maybe we should just open one Main Land.

Lauren:Main Line. I know, Main Line brewery.

Alex:Potato, potato.


Lauren:On Ownby. So, it’s right around the corner. [crosstalk 00:21:01]

Sam:[crosstalk 00:21:01]

Alex:[crosstalk 00:21:01] pub.

Lauren:From or to Hardywood.

Alex:No, way. This is in New Jersey, Main Line.

Sean:Yep. We’ve been there actually.

Sam:Yeah. That’s why I think I keep saying that. Don’t look at that, Main Line brewing in Richmond.

Sean:Final [crosstalk 00:21:16].

Sam:Yeah, indoor-outdoor seating. They have corn hole. We know they’re doing some bands and entertainment. I don’t really have much of other beer, but-

Lauren:Have you been?

Sam:Not yet.

Lauren:I was going to ask the variety of beer.

Sam:Yeah. Not sure yet.

Sean:Or what their specialty is.

Sam:Right. I didn’t have that information.

Lauren:I will do some testing and get back to you.

Sam:All right.


Sam:Do the good work.

Lauren:I will be that person. Okay. I will do [crosstalk 00:21:39].

Sam:[crosstalk 00:21:39] and report back and let us know.

Sean:I like the bottles.

Alex:It’s a cool website. So, they got morning hayes, double IPA.

Lauren:Is it just me or does that look like the Starbucks symbol?

Sam:Kind of.

Alex:Hard to see. Golden hour, blonde ale, cream ale. Yes Honey is the name. [crosstalk 00:21:58]

Lauren:Winter Bod. That’s my beer.


Sean:Winter bod.

Sam:Love that.

Alex:So, I guess, there’s only four on the website right now. But you said they opened two days ago.


Sean:Very cool.

Sam:It just opened right on Ownby Road between Castleburg and Hardywood.

Alex:So, the ones we added were almost like at 60 alcoholy, alcohol game.

Sam:Yeah, the alcohol game, you can play.

Sean:The alcoholy game.

Sam:We’re going to box it up and send it to your home like you won.

Alex:Prepare your flashcards. All right. We’re done with that.

Sam:We’re done with that.


Sean:What’s next?

Sam:All right. So, we talked about Pickleball and a bunch of alcohol spots that are all around Richmond. But have you guys heard that Circuit Arcade Bar just opened a new eatertainment venue in Scott’s Addition.

Sean:Love that word.

Lauren:They just opened it or it’s coming?

Alex:It’s coming.

Sam:Friday. It opens Friday.


Alex:What? It opens this Friday?




Alex:I must have read a different article.


Lauren:Tell me more.

Sam:It’s called slingshots.

Lauren:Good name.


Alex:Do they have Slingshot?

Sean:Very cool.

Sam:I think originally-

Lauren:I’ll bring my own.

Sam:I think initially when they secured the space, the idea was that the owners felt like they already had outgrown the Circuit.

Lauren:The Circuit. I could-

Sam:It was really-

Lauren:Yeah, I agree with that.

Sam:It can be packed in… Yeah. So, I think, originally, when they secured the space, they’re like, “We’re just going to move and have more space.” As they really got in there and explored, it seems like they pivoted and decided to go in a different direction.


Sam:So, now, they’re doing a bunch of fun things. Have you guys read anything about it?

Alex:I did a little bit.

Lauren:So, still games and stuff or?

Alex:But I’m going to guess, you know more than me.

Sam:No, go ahead. Why don’t you tell me what you know?

Alex:So, they’re going to have bocce with some digital scorekeeping systems. So you don’t have to keep score.

Sean:I like it.

Lauren:Is bocce like croquet, but without the clubs?

Alex:We’ve played before, haven’t we?


Alex:You just throw balls and you want balls to be close with other balls.

Lauren:Got it. I don’t think [crosstalk 00:23:45].

Sam:Yep. Nailed that explanation.

Sean:[crosstalk 00:23:46]

Alex:Duck pin bowling.

Sean:Straight from the rule book.

Lauren:I love duck pin bowling!

Alex:I know. We both do.

Sean:That’s fun.

Sam:Never played.

Lauren:Oh my gosh.

Alex:It’s bowling with smaller pins and smaller balls.

Lauren:The ball-

Sean:Is it like the middle ball?


Alex:No. It’s just smaller. It’s smaller balls.

Lauren:It’s probably like the size of a grapefruit and the pins are tiny. It’s just so fun.

Alex:It’s fun. I don’t know why. Everything like miniature size.

Sam:Okay. Then what else?

Lauren:You get-

Alex:Then extreme skeeball.

Lauren:I was going to say with duck pin bowling, I think you get three balls per roll instead of two like regular bowling.

Alex:Per roll. I don’t remember. It’s been so long.

Sean:At what point does skeeball become extreme? Do you wear a helmet?

Lauren:Wait, you said extreme skeeball?

Alex:The balls are larger than-

Sam:Do you wear a helmet?

Alex:They’re making bowling smaller and skeeball bigger.

Sam:I like that.


Alex:The balls are bigger. I think the lane, you’d call it, is longer, wider.

Sam:So, it’s just like bowling.

Lauren:We’ll just [crosstalk 00:24:35].

Sean:Are the pins at the end?

Sam:The duck pin bowling and the skeeball are literally the same thing.

Alex:I want to play both. The skeeball, you have to get in the holes. Duck pin has gutters and everything.

Lauren:Skeeball is so perfect that you should not mess with it

Sean:Yeah, I probably do it.

Alex:Have you picked out the one for the basement yet?

Lauren:I have not, but I’ve been looking.

Sean:Whatever it is, it’s going to be extreme.

Alex:No, I think she wants regular.

Sam:No, she wants classic.

Lauren:I’m not sure yet. I’ll let you know on Saturday.

Sam:Yeah, after you go to Slingshots.

Alex:Speaking of bowling, just off topic real fast, I know most of us have been, but I feel like not enough people know about hyper bowling.

Sam:Preach, preach. [crosstalk 00:25:14]

Alex:It is so much fun.


Alex:It’s like Topgolf for bowling.


Sean:[crosstalk 00:25:19]

Alex:You know I love Topgolf. at River City Roll.

Lauren:Got it.

Alex:So, they put up the bumpers and they have LED lights, and you have to bounce it off the bumpers, then hit the pins and you get multipliers. Just go, just play.

Lauren:[crosstalk 00:25:35]

Sam:It is way better than regular bowling. It makes me so mad.

Alex:It makes me never want to play regular bowling again unless it’s duck pin bowling.

Sam:Yeah, that they never tell anybody about it.

Lauren:That’s not regular.

Sam:Like River City Roll has had this bowling for so long and they never tell anybody that you can play it.

Alex:A couple of months, at least.

Sean:It’s very fun.

Sam:It’s not free, but it doesn’t cost anything extra to play.

Alex:I’m scared if not enough people do it. They’ll get rid of it for some reason. I won’t be able to play.

Sam:Yeah. It’s really fun.

Lauren:Wait. If I would walk into any bowling alley and they’re like, “Do you want to try hyper bowling?”

Alex:I’m like, “Yes.”

Lauren:I wouldn’t even have to know what it is. I’d be like, “That sounds great. Let’s give it a shot.”

Sean:Sounds better than this normal stuff.

Lauren:Another version, sure.

Sam:I make a mental [crosstalk 00:26:09] hyper bowling at River City Roll. [crosstalk 00:26:13]

Lauren:You have to ask for it. It’s a secret menu.

Sam:It is a secret menu item. Yeah.

Sean:Yes, secret menu, [crosstalk 00:26:20] combination.

Sam:[crosstalk 00:26:20].

Alex:But it shouldn’t be. Again, I think I talked about this on the first or second podcast. Me and my brother were at Scott’s Addition, went to River City Roll. We played hyper bowling. Literally, all four lanes next to us switched. Everyone was like, “What the heck is that?” I’m like, “It’s this.” Everyone switched.

Sam:It’s hyper bowling! [crosstalk 00:26:34].

Lauren:They should do a hyper bowling special night like, every Tuesday night-

Alex:They should put it on their website.

Lauren:… or like, I don’t know, just like a-

Sean:Yeah, they should. a special night where they feature it?

Sam:Yeah, like a special night that they feature it really.

Alex:It couldn’t have been cheap to install that stuff, promote it.

Sam:No, I don’t know.

Alex:I pay extra to do it. I don’t even know if the charge is extra, but I pay extra.

Lauren:Did you hear that?

Sean:It’s more fun.

Lauren:He’ll pay more.

Sam:Financial opportunity here.

Alex:It’s more fun.

Sam:It is more fun totally.

Sean:It is more fun.

Sam:But anyway, Slingshot sounds amazing.

Lauren:Is the name Slingshots more than one or just one Slingshot?

Alex:Like that? Or am I missing another name for Slingshot?

Lauren:Is it Slingshot or Slingshots?

Sam:I think it’s plural. Plural. They have food and self-serve taps. So, similar to the Circuit Arcade where you can serve yourself [crosstalk 00:27:17].

Lauren:[crosstalk 00:27:17]


Sean:Let’s have a higher level conversation. At what point do you think Richmond stops with these completely?

Sam:Never. Never.

Alex:I hope they turn the roads into a lazy river.

Sam:We’ve gone off the rails, forget the scooters and the Tuk Tuk We’re now tubing it around the city.

Sean:Lazy river.

Alex:I was talking with Sam earlier today and I’m like, what better time to be a 30 something-


Alex:… to have all of these options of cool stuff to do? What did you do 20 years ago when you were 30 something?

Sam:You challenged us to the alcohol game. So, can you name all the entertainment spots in the city?

Alex:Do you know them? Do you have a list? [crosstalk 00:27:53]

Sam:I don’t know. Just go. [crosstalk 00:27:54]

Sean:A mental list.

Sam:What do you got?

Alex:Topgolf. Circuit. River City Roll. Are we talking about Slingshot?

Lauren:Alex? Just go. Just go.

Sean:[crosstalk 00:28:05]

Alex:Yes. Yeah. We’ll do guys versus girls.

Sean:[crosstalk 00:28:07] Biscuit.

Alex:Oh, yeah.



Lauren:Drive Shack.


Sean:Drive Shack, yeah.

Alex:They’re beating us. What else do we have?

Lauren:There’s an axe-throwing place coming to Stony Point Mall

Alex:Can I check this website real fast.

Lauren:Absolutely not.


Sam:Yep. Where’s all the stuff that we can do around here?

Sean:What else do we got?

Sam:Stumpy’s, I think, is what the axe-throwing thing is [crosstalk 00:28:31].

Lauren:Yes, yes, it is.

Alex:Is it open?


Alex:They opened a second location. Are there any axe-throwing bars open right now?


Sean:One of them, right? Isn’t one of them?

Sam:Yep. Yes, there’s one. I don’t remember where it is.

Lauren:Does the-

Sean:This is like West short pump somewhere.

Lauren:Does the Rage Room count as entertainment?



Alex:Yes. But you probably can’t drink there. They don’t serve you-

Lauren:Challenge accepted.


Sean:Then the Circuit, I guess, qualifies.


Lauren:We already said the Circuit.

Sam:I thought you already said that.

Sean:Oh, okay. I think we’re running out.

Sam:So [crosstalk 00:29:05] has a bunch of beams.

Alex:So probably movie theaters don’t count. That’s basic.


Alex:Even though CineBistro is amazing.

Sam:It is.

Sean:Oh, it’s really nice. Yeah.

Sam:It’s fun.

Sean:We still need like-

Sam:So, there’s a lot.

Alex:How many are we missing? Do you have a whole big list?

Sam:No. This is off the cuff.

Alex:We got them all?

Sean:We need-

Sam:I think so. We’re going to go with we got them all.

Lauren:I feel like entertainment is such a broad thing, the bird theater. Where do you draw the line of activities versus stuff?

Alex:I feel for eatertainment has to have food and alcohol and some sort of thing to do. Is that kind the category we’re covering?

Sean:I think Scott’s Addition should get an escape room, and then all the escapes are Richmond themed, like Richmond history themed.

Alex:Well, Warehouse 29 is in… or no, that’s not in Scott’s Addition.

Lauren:That’s not.

Sam:That’s in Manchester.



Alex:Yeah, I’ll be going. Have you done it?

Sam:No, we haven’t.

Alex:It was so much fun.

Sean:I’ve only done one. I haven’t done that one.

Alex:When did we do it? Six months ago. So they pick you up. I don’t want to spoil it, but they’re in character from the second it starts.


Alex:It’s not like, “Here’s how it goes!” They just pick you up in a van. They’re like, “Get in! This is going on.” It’s fun.

Lauren:They pick you up at Legends brewery. So you’ve already had a few beers. You’re like, “What?”

Sam:Yeah. You’re like, “What’s going on?”


Lauren:Then once you get there and they strap you into the VR goggles and then you’re like, “What!”

Alex:It’s cool. You should do it.


Sam:Good to know. [crosstalk 00:30:29].

Sean:On the list.

Alex:Anyone listening, you should do it.

Sam:That sounds good. Well, there’s so much fun stuff.

Alex:Well, do escape rooms count?

Lauren:Do we have [crosstalk 00:30:35]?

Sean:Yeah, that’s fine.

Alex:They serve food and alcohol. Actually, a lot of times they get ice cream sandwiches and soda.

Lauren:Okay. That’s not alcohol.

Sam:Listen, ice cream sandwiches are just as legit.

Alex:Yeah, but they’re not at Nightingale’s.

Lauren:Sometimes, nevermind.

Alex:Medic. Do you know CPR.


Sam:Somebody paused the podcast.

Lauren:Sometimes, a burp just makes a noise in your throat and you’re like [crosstalk 00:31:02].

Alex:I was like a frog.

Lauren:Yeah, just moving it’s way up.

Sam:Yeah. I hear you.

Lauren:That was me right now.

Alex:These are extra carbonated.

Sam:Yeah, it could be the white claw

Alex:Wait! Didn’t a local… Is it Belle Isle have a seltzer?

Lauren:Have you tried them?

Sam:We have.

Lauren:I saw them on your Instagram.

Sam:Grapefruit was phenomenal. That was our favorite flavor out of all of the Belle Isle Shines

Sean:Grapefruit is really good.

Lauren:May I ask, do you typically drink seltzer anyways?

Sam:Yes. It’s really [crosstalk 00:31:28] constantly.

Lauren:Okay. I was going to ask what your brand is. Okay.

Sam:I bounced back and forth between from Truly and White Claw.

Sean:Yeah. We just bought [crosstalk 00:31:34].

Alex:Did you hear Truly… I know this is not Richmond related, but they just redid the recipe. They’re supposed to be shipping in November sometime.

Lauren:I hope it’s better than what they have now.

Alex:Well, I’m going to get the numbers wrong, but 2,000 people through taste tests, and dozens and dozens of different recipes. Totally. They call it new and refreshing, crispier. Some people preferred it over White Claw. I’ll be the judge. I appreciate their effort-

Lauren:The CEO of Truly preferred it over White Claw.

Sean:I’ll be the judge.

Alex:I appreciate their effort because, obviously, they’re noticing sales. I know we have a preference. This is not sponsored by anybody, but yeah, we have a preference.

Sam:Okay, fair enough. Well, I urge you to try the local.

Alex:I prefer local.

Lauren:Can I get it in stores, or do I have to go there?

Sam:No, you can get it in stores.

Lauren:Like Kroger’s?


Sean:At Kroger’s.

Sam:At a Kroger, yes.

Sean:You can get it at the Kroger’s.

Sam:Yes. Or multiple Kroger’s in our area.

Alex:I know we referencing Miles. He’s our favorite ever. We’ll have to get him in front of the camera in some of the times.

Lauren:He’s our production guy. He’s the best.

Alex:Yeah, he’s here right now. [crosstalk 00:32:40]

Sean:[crosstalk 00:32:39].

Lauren:Yeah. [crosstalk 00:32:40]

Sam:He’s chiseled like no other human you’ve ever seen.

Alex:Like David. Not that I’ll [crosstalk 00:32:45].

Sean:Like an actual super hero.

Sam:Well, guys, this has been real fun. I think we covered a lot.

Alex:It’s always fun.

Sam:I know.

Lauren:Wait, is this is it?

Sam:It’s kind of sad that this is Episode Four.

Alex:How long has it been? It’s felt like three minutes.

Sean:My favorite.

Sam:Nope. We started at 7:25, and it’s 8:00.

Alex:Yeah. That’s about it.


Sean:AM, yeah.

Alex:Is there anything else important or pressing that you want to tell the world before we go?

Sam:Nothing to share.




Alex:I think it’s time. I know Lauren’s, probably after this, going to want me to post another Christmas decoration.


Sam:What? It’s so late. Way past overtime.

Alex:We’ve got a Buddy the Elf cardboard cutout from Amazon for 25 bucks.

Lauren:It’s cardboard cutout of Buddy the Elf [crosstalk 00:33:22].



Alex:Best 25 bucks ever.

Sam:So fun.

Sean:I like that.

Sam:Can’t wait to come back over and see it.

Alex:She goes all out for Christmas. All these [inaudible 00:33:31] everything else, every other holidays, nothing compares.

Lauren:Yeah. We do holidays every other year at Jersey or in Richmond. So we’re in Jersey this year, so our decorations will be minimal probably.

Sean:Minimal, yeah.

Lauren:We’ll put up a tree.

Alex:All right. One last thing. What’s that thing you always love to get in Jersey where you’ll eat meat?

Lauren:Pork roll.

Sam:Pork roll.

Sean:Pork roll, egg and cheese, salt, pepper, ketchup.

Alex:So there’s one thing in the world you’ll eat meat. It’s that?


Alex:Would it keep if you had to bring me one back or no?

Sean:You can get it in Richmond, too.

Lauren:At Nate’s Bagels.

Sam:Nate’s Bagels.

Sean:At Nate’s Bagels.

Lauren:I saw on your Insta.

Sam:It’s called the Jersey Turnpike.

Sean:It’s called the Jersey Turnpike. But that’s pretty much-

Lauren:But you have to wait in line an hour.

Alex:Do you?


Sam:It’s a popular spot.

Alex:What time do they open?

Lauren:they wait in line an hour.

Sean:8:00 AM, I think.

Sam:Yeah, 8:00 AM. You can call ahead.

Alex:The line? There’s a line every day?

Sean:Pro tip, call ahead.

Lauren:[crosstalk 00:34:14]

Sam:When you call in, and then you can just go pick it up.

Lauren:Show up.

Sean:Yeah. Jersey Turnpike. It’s worth it.

Sam:What are you doing tomorrow morning, Lauren?

Sean:Or you can make your own, but it’s better to probably get a bagel. It’s called Taylor ham at the Kroger’s.

Lauren:The Kroger’s. I should make it next BFD. BFD, by the way-

Alex:Well, we have to get a professional one, so we know what it’s supposed to be.


Alex:To make sure yours are up to par.

Lauren:BFD is Breakfast For Dinner. We do it every Tuesday night.

Sean:That’s a perfect thing for-

Sam:You’re breaking the law.


Sam:That’s taco Tuesday.

Sean:Breaking the law.

Lauren:Breakfast tacos.

Alex:You can target Tuesday.


Sean:Good spin there.

Sam:Except for last week, I think you had pancakes.

Sean:You nailed it.

Alex:This morning. It’s Tuesday.

Lauren:We do have pancakes.

Alex:I ate some dinner leftovers for breakfast, and now we’re going to get some breakfast for dinner. I’m just-


Alex:… throwing everything out the window. No rules.

Sam:Yep. No rules here. No rules. Anything goes.

Sean:No laws.

Lauren:Also, what’s also good about BFD-

Sean:No laws.

Lauren:… is that-

Alex:[crosstalk 00:35:06]

Lauren:… what’s good about breakfast for dinner is you can have mimosas for dinner, which nobody ever does, but it’s actually really good.


Sean:That’s pretty smart.

Lauren:You haven’t tried it?

Sam:You guys are killing the whole adult thing.

Alex:Just imagine everyone listening to this, thinks we’re the world’s biggest alcoholics, but we’re not.

Sean:We did just play the alcohol game.

Alex:They won’t believe me.

Sean:[crosstalk 00:35:22]

Sam:This was an alcohol-heavy episode. But we are adventurous people, too. I think we do a lot of things without drinking alcohol, which is really fun.

Lauren:Well, I think Richmond is just an alcohol heavy city.

Alex:There’s at least 50 something-

Lauren:Right, exactly.

Sean:We covered them.

Sam:It can be a boozy, for sure. We can find things that aren’t boozy, too, which is fun.

Alex:They’re different. Yeah.

Sam:All right. Well, with that being said, cheers.



Sam:It’s fun.

Alex:Thank you so much for listening. Why Richmond is Awesome podcast is hosted by Sean and Sam Kanipe for the Richmond Experience, and Lauren and Alex Glaser of The Glaser Group Realtors. It’s produced and edited by Miles Agee Productions. Our theme song is RVA All Day by No BS! Brass Band. Please rate us and leave us a review on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts. Listen to more episode at Whyrichmondisawesome.com and follow us on Instagram, @therichmondexperience And @whyrichmondisawesome.